“A sheet of paper — is it empty or full?  Sometimes it is just a matter of waiting."

With  Silence, I was concerned with the potential inherent in a white sheet of paper, a humble object that has been the point of origin of so much creative musing. The sequencing of pages, both in the making of sheets and in the construction of books, suggested a simple form that could incorporate a sense of time, waiting, and cosmic cycles into pages whose content is only revealed by slant light. The challenge was to balance a vivid material presence with stillness, stasis with energy. 

This 20-foot long, eleven-panel piece was made for the exhibition Moon • Circle • Void , 
curated by Kai Chan at the York Quay Gallery, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto.

Silence, 2011:  handmade paper (abaca fibre, cotton rag)
61 cm x 609 cm x 2.5 cm / 2 ft x 20 ft x 1 in.

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